Saturday, July 9, 2016


In Second Life, I shop sometimes, when I have the time. As a shopper, if the vendor photos are not clear and do not easily show what the products are, I never buy if there is not also a demo to try. My motto is, "No try, no buy," and I say it as I pass on by.

In Second Life, I blog sometimes. As a blogger, I do not want to present the shoppers with photos that are not clear and do not easily show what the products are so they will not pass on by. Therefore, my blog photos are simple and clear, with very little creativity involved.

However, I also wanted to be able to take really nice, creative photos, as well. I had basically no knowledge of Firestorm's photography tools, and, not having a lot of spare time, I didn't want to stumble around trying to piece together all the information . Several friends had spoken about Visionaire Institute, and it seemed very interesting to me. I thought that would be a source of concisely gathered information that would be given to me at my fingertips.

I knew a new session was going to be starting soon, so I decided to apply. I thought the application process was a simple apply and be accepted procedure. But, that was not the case. Applicants had to submit qualifying photos before being accepted. I worried that I would not be accepted, but, fortunately, I was, and my journey began.

Now, the journey has ended, and I recently graduated from Visionaire Institute.

Here, I would like to present the photos that I displayed for graduation. The theme was "Hide and Seek."



I entered the ModeLS Magazine challenge for the June issue, which was Avant Latex. While I was composing my photo, I kept in mind the Visionaire graduation theme, "Hide and Seek," so I could fulfill two obligations at once. It was a successful action, because the photo was chosen as one of the winners of the Avant Latex June challenge.

Here is the photo I composed for the Avant Latex challenge and used for graduation.

Here is the photo that appeared in the ModeLS Magazine, taken by Stavaros resident.








Visionaire delivered everything I had hoped, and a whole wealth of serendipities that I could not have imagined. The instructors, Wren and Koko, are a perfect blending that come together to give the ultimate learning experience. In addition, I made several new, wonderful friends! This class was worth every penny and every second!

Learn more about Visionaire Institute HERE.

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