Saturday, March 19, 2016


For this class, we were asked to watch several videos, including how to set Preferences for photography purposes. We then were asked to take a simple RAW snapshot, post it on Flickr, and in the description, to write down what preference setting we used while taking that photograph. Well, I admit it again, I am lazy, and I truly do believe a picture is worth a thousand words, so I decided simply to capture the preferences I used and create a link to them here. I hope that everyone appreciates seeing my preferences settings in this way.

So, here they are!

These next settings are, of course, in the general tab. I did deviate in a few cases from what Wren and Nariko had suggested, and you can see those differences circled in red below. I put my graphics on ultra, and the sky, I experimented with and found that 16.000 worked well to achieve a mood I liked. Don't ask me why I chose to keep avatar cloth, since there were no avatars in the photo I finally chose; however, there was some cloth hanging about in various places, soooo....  lol

Next, my settings for the Hardware Settings tab. I adhered very closely to Wren and Nariko's suggestions, with the exception of putting Antialiasing on 16 instead of 8, just to make the photo as smooth as possible.

And, for any that are stumbling onto this by accident or by other means, well, here is the RAW photo I chose to present for class 2. I call it BEHIND THE STAIRS.

Here is the landmark for the Outer Garden sim where this photograph was taken:

And, that is the end of this short blog! Thank you for reading!

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