Friday, March 11, 2016


There is big news for Moondance Boutique! First, a new baby is coming! Kat is preparing for the arrival of a new daughter! Congratulations, Kat!

And, to celebrate this event, everything, yes, that is correct, everything jewelry in Moondance Boutique main store is on sale for the month of March at really fantastic prices that you simply cannot miss! Full sets that were as much as 1250 lindens are now between 100 and 150 lindens! The nail polishes already were below 100 lindens, so they are not on sale.

Here are some of the items that are on sale this month!

The Ailia set!

The newly-released and oh-so-beautiful Ambrosia set!

The Chloe set!

Elegant Aurora!

One of my personal all-time favorites, the Hibiscas Falls!

The unique Leilani Falls is on sale, too!

Plumeria Bloom!

The sailor moon set also is on sale!

All of these beautiful sets are now on sale, and so many more! Hurry to Moondance Boutique to take advantage of this fantastic sale!

Moondance Boutique

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