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Well, after much preparation, the day finally arrived on July 11!  I now am a proud graduate of the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy!

The first challenge to walk on the fantastic runway was MOVIE THEME.  I chose to present a fantasy outfit.  It is a rather simple look, at first glance, but there is much attention to detail, such as adding the Butterfly Blue from Dirtyland onto the headpiece that comes with the Antiope - Aquatic hair from Wasabi pills, and the Quilltastrophe feather from Fandom Ruckers also added to the hair, and the matching Slink polish from La Boheme.

I love the unique design of the Salt and Pepper Alina corset, with the feathers and pearls, but, more, it comes with a HUD to change the color of the corset, pearls, feathers, and shaft of the feathers.

The Ancient Boglach Spatha (Maisithe) sword from Eldritch is truly an incredible work of art which comes with a variety of options and can be resized.

Here, you can see the final look:

And, with a closer look at details, here showcasing the lassitude & ennui Lethe necklace - black:

Here, you can see the great craftsmanship in the Nevermore Heels for Slink high from lassitude and ennui which match the Lethe necklace:

And, a closer look at the B'LEAF- Bracelet Eagle (Black) and the La Boheme NativePeyoteFeather polish applier for Slink:

And, a closeup of the NativePeyoteFeather polish, showing the great detail and talent that goes into La Boheme creations:



S&P Corsage Alina XS (Corset) (Salt and Pepper)
iLatex - black 1 (modified to blue highlights) (Eve n Better)


Nevermore Heels for Slink high (lassitude and ennui)


dl:: Butterfly Blue (ON HEADPIECE) (Dirtlyland)

::TI:: Ear Cuffs V1 - Old Gold - White diamond (Tabou Irrisistible)

.aisling. Papillon Mimic Earrings

lassitude & ennui Lethe necklace - black

::LW::Cleopatra's Bangles (Lar's Workshop) (arm bands)

*CentoPallini* PEARL BUTTON [Ring] Gold

-B'LEAF- Bracelet Eagle L (Black)

*OAL* Crysantha Thigh Cuff (On a Lark)
*OAL* Crysantha Calf Cuff (On a Lark)

[F.R] Quilltastrophe (HAIR FEATHER) (Fandom Ruckers)


Essences {Pearl: Lipstick08}
:::Sn@tch Thorns Makeup (Lola):::



Avid Gothic Avatar - Mist


-Belleza- Nina Pale 0 D

MADesigns EYELASHES ~ Simplicity BLACK

Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh EyeS (Sea Green Shadow, w2)

/Wasabi Pills/ Antiope Hair - Aquatic
hair base true black by Hair Extreme (DARK BLUE)

Slink nail polish: La Boheme NativePeyoteFeather


Eldritch. Ancient Boglach Spatha (Maisithe)

[NeurolaB Inc.] Nano-X Pet (MESH) v4.0.8

The second runway presentation was the GLAM DREAMS WEDDING THEME.  For some reason not known to me, I was chosen to be the "bride" in this glamorous affair and was escorted by Steele Sirnah, who was looking quite dashing that day.

All the gowns and tuxedos for this part of the graduation ceremony were generously given to the models by Sandytpr Lysette of Glam Dreams.  I am wearing the fabulous Glam Dreams Passion Dove Gown.  This delicate creation is a blend of silk for the gown and tule overlays for the bodice and skirt.  All the gown accessories are made of complimenting tule with silk roses interwoven with exquisitely detailed baby's breath.  The Wedding Roses Tiara is the crowning perfection of silk roses and baby's breath.  The attention to details in this creation is amazing.

I am wearing the Norena~Elite edition necklace and earrings set, as well as the Norena Bracelet Elite from Zuri's Jewelry.  The Norena jewelry comes with delicate baby's breath gems interspersed amongst clusters of gems and pearls, making it the perfect compliment to the gown.  The Elite edition of Norena comes with a texture-change HUD for all the components of the jewelry.

Here, you can better see the details of the roses and baby's breath of the gown, as well as the details of the Norena set:



Glam Dreams " Passion Dove " Gown ( XXS )  *
Glam Dreams " Passion Dove " Top Add On ( XXS ) *
Glam Dreams " Passion Dove " Skirt Tule ( XS ) *

Glam Dreams " Passion Dove " 4 Roses Accessory  ( R ) *
Glam Dreams " Passion Dove " 4 Roses Accessory ( L ) *

Glam Dreams " Passion Dove " Scarf & Flowers Accessory ( L ) *
Glam Dreams " Passion Dove " Scarf & Flowers Accessory ( R )  *

Glam Dreams " Passion Dove " ( 4 ) Roses Waist Accessory *

Glam Dreams " Passion Dove " Fit Mesh Gloves

Glam Dreams " Passion Dove " Wedding Roses Tiara W Resizer *

Panthers White Rose pasties


Zuri Rayna~ Norena Necklace~Elite

Zuri Rayna~Norena Earrings~Elite

Zuri Rayna~ Norena Bracelet Elite~Pearls/Metals/GemChange (WORN AS ARMBANDS)


BF Eyeshadow . Doe Shimmer . Pink (BEAUTIFUL FREAK)
ZC - Carly Lipsticks - Fuchsia 01 (ZOUL CREATIONS)


Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Sea Green Shadow, w2)

""D!va"" Hair "Zaara" (Onyx)

Thank you for coming to explore my graduation!

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