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Hello everyone!

Okay, Steele keeps pestering me to write a blog.  Blog?!   So here it is, my first ever blog entry.  I like to write, but…  Am I able to do a blog?  We’ll see…

I thought I would start where this all started--with the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy.  I had attended some of the Miss Virtual World competitions and was thrilled to see the fantastic outfits the ladies wore.  I thought I would like to do that, too.  But, I knew I could not do it if I didn’t know how to model.  So, what better school to attend to learn how to do this than to the very one that is at the heart of the competition?

Steele Sirnah was a friend of mine, but we never really talked much about modeling.  I told him I wanted to attend the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy.  He is an instructor there, and, luckily for me, he agreed to be my instructor.  He has a passion for what he does, and he will light the fire of passion underneath you, too, whether you want any fire or not. *laugh* Let me tell you, he is ONE tough cookie!  If you want top-notch knowledge, skill, professionalism, integrity, and honesty, then head to Steele.  If you have a thin skin and don’t want to hear it exactly as it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly, then do not, I repeat, do not go to Steele!

So, with that being said, I thought I would next give the results of the weekly challenges Steele presented us with in the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy.  

The first one was NATIVE AMERICAN.  I was excited to hear that!  I am part Native American, Salish tribe, and grew up on a reservation in Montana.  I also am a gothic girl, so I decided to combine the two into my first outfit.

The crow plays a large part in Salish heritage and culture, and I happen to like crows and ravens very much, so I absolutely had to incorporate this element into my outfit.

Here, you can see the results of that:



Nakooma Dreamcatcher Dress – Black (Arwen’s Creations)

Fur Top – Black (Cherokee Sensations)

Poe Halloween Group Gift (Purple Moon)
            Poe Feather Collar Black
            Poe Falling Feathers Black

VDM Gown Feather Bolero

Soedara~ Wicapi Wakan Moccasins (Soedara)


Pewter Totem Necklace- RAVEN (Wylde Style)

DC Wearable Crow (Dead Center)


LightStar-Hair-Shyanne-White-Snow (Lightstar)
LightStar-Shyanne-Headband+1Feather (Lightstar)

The next week, we had two challenges.

The first challenge was called TEST OUTFIT.  Steele passed us a quite plain brown tank top, pants, and awful system long skirt.  I changed the sleeves from a tank to long and completely ignored the skirt.  As I worked on the outfit, it began to take on a unique life of its own.  I came to like it more and more as it flourished. When it was done, I actually was pleased with the look.



Do you Burlesque? Corset - Brown (Goth1c0)

Fur Cuffs
Holiday Memories - Furless Cuff  (Paris Metro Couture) (Modified by Dakota)

Slink High Shoes
Phyton Peep Toe (Supernatural)


DUCHESS FUR HAT (RUSSIAN TAN, color modified by Dakota) (LeLutka)

Growth: Copper: Monocle (Amaranthus)

Necklace, earrings, and ring (LaGyo)
Amada Gold

Tantalum~ Tungsten Bracelet


Dramatic Eye Makeup GOLD Tattoo (Blue Blood)
Tribal Face Tattoo : Duen Three (Blue Blood)

The second look was CASUAL CHICK.  A nice pair of black denim jeans with white stitching and a nice white denim jacket with black lining to match seemed to be just the thing.  I couldn't go with nothing on under the jacket, so how casual can you get with a skull t-shirt?

Since the beautiful necklace and earrings had studs in them, I thought matching flats with studs would be perfect.  And, what better than a little black clutch with sequins to add a bit of finishing-touch chick to it all.



Skull T-Shirt (Shirt Layer) (A Netherworld)

UNiQ PhaZe edge jacket no shirt (UNiQ PhaZe)

Union Jill Skinny Black Jeans (P) - White (+DV8+)

[DDD] Lady's Slipper - Black (Dysfunctional Designs) (Flats)


Necklace and earrings (RealEvil Industries)

**RE** LUX Q Necklace
**RE** LUX Q Earrings

FINESMITH CLUTCH BAG-MESH- full of surprises (Finesmith)

SWALLOW Bracelet, silver and black (Swallow)

The next week continued with two more challenges.  

First up was a DR. WHO inspiration.  Well, and I cringe in advance of all those who love Dr. Who, but I don't like Dr. Who, and, with that, inspiration was a little low-key.  *laugh*  I think it probably shows in my finished outfit, but I had fun doing it.

Originally, I had chosen a bow tie to go with the outfit.  I wanted to use a man's vest to keep "in character," and I knew just the one!  The dragonfly vest from Dragon's Designs.  Well, with all those gold dragonflies about, I just HAD to wear my Libelula dragonfly necklace and ring from Bliensen + MaiTai.  Sorry, cute bow tie!

And, because you can't see my shoes very well in the main pictures, I took a special picture of them to show off the exquisite craftsmanship of these Amelia Stiletto for SLINK High by Pure Poison.



Dragonfly-vest-Dragons' Shirt (Dragons' Designs)

Union Jill Skinny Black Jeans (P) - Pink (+DV8+)

Corto coat (fem) - black (no top) (Deadwool)

Amelia Stiletto for SLINK High (Pure Poison)


Necklace and ring (Bliensen + MaiTai)

Bliensen + MaiTai - Libelula - Necklace - F
Bliensen + MaiTai - Libelula - Ring

Lazuri Euridice -all in one- Earrings (Lazuri)

The second challenge was inspired by SOMA magazine.  Color, color, color!  Well, just because I am a gothic girl does not mean I don't appreciate color.  In fact, my favorite color happens to be--pink, fuchsia, to be exact.  *laugh*

I call this my "50s retro outfit for the new age."  The shoes from Hollywood fit this outfit just right.  I love this hair from Runaway.  The butterfly actually is a mask from Diamente, which comes with a hud with six different colors to choose from.  I turned the mask over, resized it, and placed it on my chest to attain this unique adornment.



Vengeful Threads - Silvia - CloverXS
Mean Green Bandeau (Exquisitely Exposed)



ellabella Sweep (rainbow) (Modified by Dakota)

POMPOSITY - Diamond Bangle - CRIMSON
POMPOSITY - Royal Gemstone Bangle

Strange Brew Butterfly Earring, Twisted Edition (Secrets of Gaia)

Chain of Nyx SILVER {COPY} (Bell's Beauties) (Worn on hands)

Beauty - Butterfly Mask (Diamante)

Hair add on (Copy/trans) (Autumn Mix) (NSP Florals)


LocknRoll Hair (Runaway)


WoW Skins Lips tattoo 1
Fairy Make-up (Raine on Me)

The next week brought two more challenges, the GOTHIC PROM and the 1/2 HOUR CHALLENGE: BRITISH PUNK.

Once again, I was delighted to hear the first challenge, the GOTHIC PROM, since I am a gothic girl. I had to wear one of my favorite gowns. I love feathers, and this feather underskirt is really a beauty. I only had to buy two things for this challenge--a tiara and a bracelet to match my lovely Zuri Rayna Czarina necklace.  Madrid Solo creates fantastic makeups, and this Mamba goes perfectly with my look.  Again, I took a separate picture of the fantastic shoes by Diamente.  They come with a nice little hud to change the various components of the shoes.




Top skirt -black
feather underskirt-black

Diamante: Redrum - SLink High Feet - Rigged


Zuri Rayna~Czarina Necklace Ruby/Black Diamond Dark
Zuri Rayna~Czarina Earring (L) Ruby/Black Diamond Dark
Zuri Rayna~Czarina Earring (R) Ruby/Black Diamond Dark
Zuri Rayna~Czarina Jewels Bracelet~ Ruby Blk Diamond
Zuri Rayna~ Sweethearts Tiara ~ Platinum Ruby

The Blessed Piercing Set [Black] Mouth

{mE} Pansy Ring SILVER //  R ({me.} Jewelry )


cheveux:.F050Blacks2(no script)


Madrid Solo- Sept 2014 Grp Gift- Unisex- Mamba
SG:: Fatal Eyeshadow08 (Slack Girl)
Sugel Co. - Glossy Lipstick - Red Passion

And, finally, the last challenge, the nail-biter, also known as the 1/2 HOUR CHALLENGE: BRITISH PUNK.  

I like to take my time while getting dressed, so half an hour to polish an outfit was pushing the limit, to be sure.  Fortunately for me, my inventory is an eclectic conglomeration and it didn't take long to locate this cute little plaid skirt and jacket from Hudson's.  CentoPallini has some really neat accessories, and the Fishbone necklace and bracelets complimented the rock style.  I adore these Yumi shoes from SAKIDE, with their zippers, spikes, and three adorable bows.  I was lucky enough to win the fat pack with color change hud in a gacha.



Beware the Thorns White Tank womens (Butterfly Tropics)
LC_Xmas Plaid Shorts hers (Lushish Cats)

Hudson's Clothing Co.

Plaid Rocker Skirt S
Plaid Rocker  Jacket (Resizer)

[ SAKIDE ] Yumi Shoes


*CentoPallini* Fish Bone Necklace /Black (chest)
*CentoPallini* Fish Bone Bracelet /Black


Tameless Beatice - Naturals


Sloth MakeUp. M4 (new) (7 Deadly s{K}ins)

And, there you have it.

I complained, mumbled, groaned, and dragged my feet about doing a blog, but the more I dragged, the harder Steele’s whip cracked, until, at last, he got a result.  And, I must say, I have very much enjoyed doing this blog!  Steele brings out the best in a person; there is no doubt of it.  I think he may just have created a blogging monster!

And, those are my last words for the day.  Thank you for staying with me to the very end.  Have a great day!

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