Sunday, April 3, 2016


More Visionaire homework!

Again, we were asked to watch three videos, this time to learn about Windlight settings. I must say, this class is giving me more than I had hoped for! I adore this class! I am gaining the knowledge of how to use the Firestorm Phototools that I had desired, and then some!

After watching the videos, we were required to take three photos, changing only Windlight settings while keeping the camera in the same location. We had a choice of using three different windlights to show different emotions or of showing three different "seasons." I opted for one Windlight, the Analu Outdoor City, with sunrise at 6:12 a.m., and changed the shadows to create different moods.

All three photos are RAW.

My first, and least favorite, photo is with the sun rising in the south. This is just plain boring!, though it does have a certain ambiance. lol This is that photo:

My second favorite photo is with the sun rising in the north. This is it:

I definitely don't like those glaring leaves over there on the right side, so, for fun, I cropped them out. This is the result of that. I like it much better:

And, my third, and favorite, photo, with the sun rising in the west. I love the shadows on the sail and that rock with the rope draping across it.

I wanted to learn about shadows, and I certainly did this week! Thank you Visionaire!

The pictures were taken at Kaleidoscope sim:

Thank you for looking!


  1. I love how you described your thought process with these! Awesome work ♥